Sunday, February 17, 2013

Instagram.. #Instadeay

Holla~ Just a quick post! ;)
I started my instagram last December, you can check it here @adeayudeay
And since I love taking pictures and photographed, I also want to share it on blog ^^
So, here's my favorite from December - now. ^^

from top left to right
1. Trying levitation (29th December 2012)
3. While studying for exam
4. Temen-temen pada pake display picture yang sama, ngerjain ini...
5. Street gallery on Car Free Day, 13th Jan 2013. My photo was there too!
6. Visited Kak Iza Obob who was sick...
7. a gift from J.Co Doughnut last September! a big mug XD
8. Dinner with family
9. us

 1. A photo taken by Iza Obob at Dunkin' Donuts
2. The clock story (maybe for upcoming post)
3. my new ombre sweety pie shoes!
4. another photo taken by Kak Iza Obob with red vespa
5. With Kak Intan
6. Some of my original dvd collection. Its Bigbang and YG Family
7. with 09 Theater Art Group member
8. another new shoes~ It's Kenny
9. A bunch of pin from Kak Naning! She made it by herself

 1. My Childhood photos XD
2. Trying turban style
3. My new scarf! Its Fifi Lapin scarf!! I love it so much!
4. A photoshoot with my brother.. XD

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13 sweet words:

  1. keren dah recapnya ,,,,,sepatunya gahar betul yu tapi keren abis

  2. lovely shots!

    checkout my newest post :

  3. You're so pretty! And great with photography! Your much better at instagram than I am ^^ But I definitely want to improve! I'll follow you <3 I love your photography like the balloons and kaleidoscope effect pictures, especially. The one with your friend and you and the teddy is cute, too.


  4. I am so inspired by your pictures! Hijabers yang modis itu mmg selalu "wow" ya, semangat terus foto2 insta nya! terus be an inspiring Hijab blogger! Hijab yang gambar kelinci itu, imut bangett...

  5. lovely pics..m in instagram too.
    lets follow-@sabbi23
    xo sabbi

  6. lovely instagram pics :)
    and Rilakuma is the cutest!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  7. Lovely kaa... wkwkwkkw <3


  8. Bagus2 fotonya yu. I like the vespa hihihi.. oldies tp lucu. Yg kolase close up jilbab biru bagus,u look so pretty :)

  9. nice photo, kak! <3

  10. Cool :)

    Please vote me with click heart button
    your voice are really important for me
    "The Sunny Day is taking Over"

  11. I've nominated you for an award on my blog!


  12. congratulations ayu :)) im happy for you! :))

  13. Beautiful Pics!

    You got a great Blog.
    Would you like to follow each other?
    (On GFC and Bloglovin) Just let me know ;)
    My Blog: Strike a Pose


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