Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year Greeting

It's 2013!!! 2012 pass so fast right?
Happy new year for all of you ^^ Wish we all have a good time in this 2013..

Just a quick post, a greeting.. What's your resolution in this 2013? Your "have to do" list? Me? I have so~~ much ^^ Wish all of our resolution come true.

Let me look in the 2012.. 
In January, I got a kumlaude score for my college in the first semester. I pass my last workshop in Bahana Art Group and become an official member, newbie actress. I back to my town on my semester's holiday.
In February I got a chance to have a shopping-holiday in Jakarta with my mom and her friends ^^
In March hmmm "searching in my diary" nothing special in this month.
In April, April 13th! Yea, yea, yea! I started this blog ^^ kkk~ April posts. First time become a committee in my faculty's porseni. First time MC-ing in my campus, for more than 7days, I was the MC in many contests.
In May, I had a journey with my bestfriend Saufi ^^. So speechless, my faculty "BEM" or Executive student group has invited me to join them!! An inviting! Full post in May
In June, I had a photoshoot ^^ Colorfull balloons~

Then got a chance went to a beach in Banjarmasin ^^ even my art group's dancer was dancing in the opening of Muktamar Mapala In Indonesia. My first acting, "pentas perdana" in 22nd June! Full post in June. And finally I settle the my department moved, I've moved from Law Islamic into Economic Islamic ^^
In July, my art group join a theater festival, called Festival Teater Ganesha, and glad we win for 3 category, the best actress, the best director, and the best theater performance! Have a break fasting with drop your books volunteers in YAB. Full post in July.
In August, I back again to my town, celebrate Eid Al Fitr with my big family :D back to Banjarmasin again and become MC in VIP Gathering, this month I celebrate my birthday with my bestfriends :3 Full post in August.
In September, I have becoming more and more busy with my organization.. And I can't blog so much :( In my faculty orientation, I was the MC in the opening and closing ^^ glad they choose me. Then I flied to Surabaya~ for my cousin's wedding party. Had 2 photoshoot with my friends and a photographer. ^^
swing the baby pink
check here

Then went to a festival in Banjarmasin + photoshoot too.
Full post in September.
In October, yes, finally I joined a photographer club in Banjarmasin, from many photographer club, I join MPB. Had my first hunting in Batik day.

and then, I had a unexpectedly photoshoot with some photographer :D
 On October 19th, my art group, Bahana held their 18th anniversary ^^ I was the MC on the opening ceremony
October 23rd I started another blog, a note for my daily life, called Adeayu in Her Wonderland

Full post in October.
In November, MPB held a street hunting ^^
A photoshoot in an old house with some friends.
Full post in November.

Then, December! The most busy month in this year. Soo many activities. Started from my another art group, 09 Art Theater Group which join a theater festival, glad we win the best actor in Kalimantan ^^
On 8th December went to an children event called "One day for Children" with a friend from MPB
 Then, another photographer asked me to become his model ^^
 then my faculty "PKMD" (I was the MC too)
PKMD Day 1
PKMD Day 2
 an end year hunting event called JSS (jelajah 1000 sungai) by MPB on last 30th December ^^ And guess what, I became an unexpectedly model, first time for me with so many photographers. They keep sending and tagging me my photos ^^
Taken by Kak Dawad
Taken by Kak M Al Islamy

Taken by Kak Andri Callista
 Full post in December.

So Happy New Year Again!! Lets wish this year will gonna be a great yer for us ^^

12 sweet words:

  1. happy new year dek Ayu, semoga semakin kece di2013 ini ;)

  2. Semoga di 2013 ini jadi lebih baik ya, De :)
    Dan mimpi yang belum sempat terjadi akan segera nyata. Amiiin :*

  3. Happy new year too ayu! Semoga semua cita-cita kita tercapai ya di tahun yg baru ini :) aamiin...

  4. AIIIIYYYYIIEEE!!! Hahaha! :) Happy New Year Adeayu! Love the last pic! :)

  5. wah semoga resolusi tahun barunya tercapai semua ya

  6. cute photos!! :D

  7. happy new year..have a great year ahead..
    xo sabbi

  8. Fotonya baguuuus sukaaa!:3

  9. Happy new year!!!
    Nice pictures


  10. bagus fotonya apalagi yang terakhir ,,

  11. Happy New Year 2013, Ayu!
    Semoga semua resolusinya tercapai
    Anyway, suka bgt sama 3 foto terakhir :D

  12. gorgeous pictures! my favorite is the first one. anyway happy new year to you!


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