Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lil' Orange

It was last week, on Thursday 3rd January 2012, after my exam, I went out with Kak Intan, then met Kak Wahyu "onta" on a shop, I went out because the day after it (Friday) I didn't have an examination. ^^
We went to Noey's house and have a chit-chat... Then we plan to make a surprise for Kak Irfan "ibon" who has his birthday that day. The others came and we play card before the surprise, I always lose and got some powder in my face, we can't erase it. :p

candid dan langsung di upload ke instagram, grrrr...

Time to a big surprise for Kak Ibon, Egg-Flour-Water combination

Happy 21st Birthday Kak Ibon
Taken by Kak Paraw
Then, there's cotton candy seller who passed the house. We ran after the seller, then He bought me one ^^

location : Noey's house
photographer : Noey, Kak Paraw, Miftah Faridh
wardrobe : Tribal Skirt - unbranded, Blouse - "instyle", Polka dots shawl - A mall in Surabaya, Bag - "Classroom", Loafer - Itz Yours, Button Brooch - "Ayuyu" made by myself

7 sweet words:

  1. wah ,,,kasian tu yang ultah belepotan ,,,keren yu outfitnya

  2. kebiasaan sewaktu ulang tahun memang :))
    cute skirt btw :D

  3. love your skirt and scraf

  4. wow, what a great thursday with your friends :D
    ah! I don't know that you're a VIP too .
    Yesssss for TOP ! hhehe ..
    Nice skirt by the way :)

  5. Hello Adeayu ! Nedy & Nadiah here. hehe. U can call me nedy / nadiah. I don't mind. hehe. Wow, great moments with ur friends. Suddenly i miss all my friends. hehee. I love ur dress, adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

  6. ada telornya, pasti amis bangettttt :D

    join my GIVEAWAY:

  7. wow you had so much fun.. happy for you and your bestests.


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