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Jelajah Seribu Sungai with MPB

Hi Guys!!! How's your weekend?? Me? I spent my weekend with my mom and dad.. and (ugh)
I'll back to my hometown, so saaaad, to leave Banjarmasin city.. But, I'll have a really long holiday there ^^
This time, I'll share about our photography community event, it was last year, at the end of 2012, on 30th December 2012. We held a journey with boat, we spent a day on some islands, and traveling through some rivers, and bla bla bla ^^
Glad there's no rain that day. I was the committee, and we prepared this event for about 3 weeks, so tired, but the event was success!!
a photo by Bang Infuz, MPB Club family photo
Firstly, at 7 AM, we went to Pasar Terapung, Floating Market, they sold many things, like traditional foods, cakes, and event some souvenirs. Cool right? btw its my second time went to Floating Market.
taken by myself
Then, we went to Pulau Kembang, Kembang Island, when we arrived, there's a ritual which present by people there, I don't really know what ritual it is, but, so glad we can snap a pictures there. FYI, Kembang Island is an island full with MONKEYS!! Yes, monkeys, some of them are wild, and some are tame. I remember my first time went to Kembang Island, a monkey jump to me! I was screaming a lot :p
the ritual present by people from Kembang Island. Photo by me
reflection time~ kkk~> the first photo by Kak Andri, the second photo by kak M Al Islamy, aka k_akaaa with infra red camera!!
another photo by kak K_akaaa with his infra red camera ^^ I got it from his instagram
with Kak Intan Cupla :D
the first photo by me, the second by Fariz
 Ups, some candid by Kak Andri XD
 After visited Kembang Island, went to Pulau Kapal, Ship Island, people call it "ship island" cause in this island, they make ships.
in the resident's house, we took a rest for a while
some candid by some photographers :p
We traveling around Banjarmasin rivers by the boat.
then... And than!! In last place, under Barito Bridge, they call it Bakut Island, Kak Andri suddenly asked me to be a model, because the place is so beautiful! Ugh, if I knew he will asked me, I will dress-up. :p
 My first time, become an unexpectedly model in front of many photographers, I was SO NERVOUS, I was trying my best, and I hope they satiesfied ^^

A photo by Kak K_akaaa with his infra red camera, a witness photo when other photographers tooks my pictures
Then, some of them sent me my pictures ^^ Thanks to Kak Andri, and others photographers.
First! by Kak Dawad
credit to Kak Dawad
credit to Kak Dawad
Second! by kak Saif Annur, my senior in Bahana Arts Group :o

credit to kak Saif Annur
Third! The one who asked me to be the model, the one WHO too soooo many pictures of me. Kak Andri ^^
credits to Kak Andri
credits to Kak Andri
  Fourth!! and here, by Miftah Faridh, he just snapped my "candid" ^^
 Fifth, by Kak Hafizh
 Sixth, by Obi :p
 Seventh!! By kak M Al Islamy aka K_akaaa, he took my pictures by his infra red camera. So looove the pictures ^^
Credits to kak K_akaaa
 Preparing our family photo
 A family photo by Kak K_akaa with his infra red camera
credits to kak K_akaa from his instagram
 and, for the closing (?), Kak Andri took this picture, at the end of "model" session
whats so special? hmmm, it taken by Kak Andri and edited by him.

Then we arrived at the dock at 7 PM, it was rain, and we stayed at a food stall in Pasar Lama.
Thanks MPB and all the people! It was really a great time for end this year ^^

date : 30th December 2012
location : Banjarmasin
photographer : Myself and All MPB Club member and non member
wardrobe : black jegging - unbranded, skirt - unbranded, tee - mpb club, Loafer - Dexter, backpack - K+

btw thanks to Putri and Nava for the awards! I'll post about it later since I'll back to my hometown :(
and maybe, when you read this post, I already in an airport to go back to my hometown.
I already preparing some posts to keep this blog updating. But, it'll hard for me to blogwalking. :(

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  1. youu look cute! ❤
    and seems you had a lot of fun there :D

  2. wihh mantap buhan komunitas photography boleh gabung lah :D haha

    modelnya cantik banget lagii :D

  3. wah,,,keren apalagi photo yg ada ilalangnya

  4. Fabulous picture, look like you have a lot of fun, great blog you have, lets follow each other ? let me know !!

  5. dari dulu pengen banget maen kepasar terapung, sayang dijawa gak ada -,- :D

    yang foto infrared bagus ya dek :*

  6. So many interesting pictures and place !!

    xoxo from Japan

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  8. Good for you :)
    anw. mind to follow each other?

    I love vintage style with modern touch. It's my fave style!

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  10. just nominating you for liebster award!
    check out my blog :)

  11. fotonya keren2 kakak...tempatnya kece badaii

  12. bagusssss fotonya \(^0^)/

    suka suka suka..


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