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First Award! Finally~

Yaaay! Finally i got an award! yep, on January 19th, Putri told me in my last post that she nominated me.
Than, Nava and Eka nominated me too! So this month, I got 3 awards! How supposed to post it all?

Thanks a lot guys! Cause this is my first award, I was so crazy when I got an notification email XD I even crazy when I got the second notification email that told me, I got an award again from Nava. The third makes me surprise and thing how to post it all?? ? One by one or all in one?

The Liebster Award have some terms and conditions:
1. Bloggers nominate other up-and-coming bloggers (with less than 200 followers) for the award.
2. If you receive the Liebster, you must: 
3. Tell 11 random things about yourself. 
4. Answer the 11 questions the nominator has asked you.
5. Nominate 11 other bloggers and make sure you notify them.

And now, this is 11 facts about me!

1.  I adore and so inspired my daddy! Yes, Like Father, Like Daughter, Dad always listening to Queen, M.J., Bon Jovi, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Phil Collins,  and others artist from this era songs when I was a kid (until now) and that’s makes me like them too, it helps me improve my English!
my childhood
2. I’m the only daughter in my family, yaaaps, the only one, I don’t have sister, but two brothers.
3. I love ice creams! From the cheap one to the expensive one! I love all! Just think about ice creams and it makes me drooling.
ice creams time with my lil brother
 4. I have a boyfriend, he is a photographer from the same community, and I miss him a lot now, cause I can’t meet him for about one month :p
5. I love theater and art. That’s why I join a theater art group in my campus, then an art group off-campus also invite me to join them. So I have two theater art group. My boyfriend even said “You’re the strangest girl I’ve ever met, you choose to watch theater than watch movie in cinema”, yes, that’s riiiiiight!
My first theater show
6. Did you realize? My blog’s change! From mylittlecreambutton.blogspot.com into www.mylittlecreambutton.com ! Yay! It’s official :D
7. I've been raising rabbits and hamsters when I was a kid. 
8. !I believe in Karma! And make it, :p I mean, if someone hurt me, leave me, or stab me, I'll never back to them again.
9. I don’t call myself as photographer even I join a photography community in my city, I just love taking a picture and photographed, my first dslr camera is Canon 600D, and I started bring it everywhere I go, I’m still learning.
first time put and introduce my photo in street gallery
10. I think my charming is my smile, though some my friends said when it comes to “candid photo” I look more charming. And Some my friends in art group said I was so charming when I wake up (LOL), I think I look so silly and still half asleep when I wake up, but they said its cute.
candid by M. Al Islamy aka K_akaaa
11. Need more facts? I already have facts posts here, here, and here :p

Here’s some answer for  Putri’s questions:

1. What is the most you're doing before you old? (Apa yang paling kamu lakukan sebelum kamu tua?)
Sebenarnya pertanyaannya agak membingungkan, kata “paling”nya itu loh, kok jadi bikin aku bingung jawabnya gimana. Kalau “apa yang kamu ingin lakukan sebelum kamu tua?”  of course manyyy things! I want to visit some countries before I getting old.

2. Do you wear accessorizes before leaving the house? Why? What kind of accessorizes?
A big yes for it. I usually wear watch, bracelets, rings, necklaces, but if I’m in hurry, I don’t wear accessorizes.

3. Which one you choose, going to work or open your own business? why?
I choose to be a worker first, than if I’ve enough “lesson” I’ll oven my own business. I wanna open my own cafe & resto with my own decoration.

4. Which one you choose, an expensive handmade outfit or the cheap wholesaler?

Well, mmm.. it’s depend on how it fit me. If it handmade but I think it didn’t fit me, I prefer the cheap wholesaler.

5. Do you a kind of girl who likes go to salon for treatment or do it by yourself in your house?

Salooooon ofc.

6. It is better to wait or find something else? why?
I still can tolerate it if it's not too long. But if’s not certain, I’ll leave and find something else.

7. What kind of movie do you like? Why? Mention one of it.
I love a fantasy, fairy tale, adventure, and animation. This day I like a dark fantasy movies like Alice in Wonderland, Red Riding Hood, and the new one like Snow white and the huntsman.

8. pastel or bold color?

9. What kind of place do you want to go for holiday?
Since I was a kid, I really want to visit Disney land! I wanna meet Donald duck! Mickey Mouse! And others :D Someone pleeeeease bring me to Disney land in Hongkong or Japan!

10. an update clothes or comfortable one?
Comfortable and update, both kkk~

11. Give me some advice, cause I’m new blogger (Minta sarannya buat blog pemula seperti saya ini..? supaya lebih banyak followersnya.. * hihhiii)
Advice? hmmm.... I think you should do blogwalking more, and not just “read” but really read. Then leave a comment, that’s so important, cause that’s mean so much for blogger (right?), than you should consistent with your blog.  That’s some from me :D

Theeeeen here are the nominees I choosed! ^^

These my questions for them :
1. when did you started your blog? And why?
2. who inspired you a lot?
3. what kind of food do you hate?
4. what do you think about people who back stab you?
5. do you have a phobia? what is it?
6. do you like watching cartoon? what did you watch?
7. what's your favorite number? why?
8. what is your charming?
9. what's your hobby but your parent don't like it?
10. do you write in a diary?
11. what do you think about my blog? ^^ I'm so curious!

that's for my first award ^^ will post the second and third later~

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  1. Congrats for the awards dear! :)
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  4. Congratulations :)

    xoxo, Mich

    Mind to visit my blog? click here

  5. tukan bener cinlokkkk :D
    thanks for the questions dek Ayu, buat PR dulu yah :D

  6. thank you ,,,buat nominasinya ,,and selamat buat awardnya ,,,,,,yihan

  7. thankyou ya kaaak... belum sempet buka blog. lamaaa banget.huhuhu...

  8. hi dear, thx a lot for choose me for a nominee....im not good in english but you make me help me improve it with your post.

  9. wah selamat ya buat nominasinya :)

    oh iya ini first blogwalking, hehe salam kenal ya

  10. hei ini postingan buat ngejawab pertanyaan di atas ya :)


  11. Ka gantiaann nih,kakak yang masuk nominasi :p


  12. Congrats for the awards! really a good job!
    waiting for your next post :)

    mind you follow each other?
    my new design blog http://justpalette.blogspot.com

    GOOD LUCK! :)

  13. wow congartulation yaaa. keep it up! :)


  14. Slamat ya ^^ eciyeeee...
    akhirnya diposting jg foto sm boyfriend-nya :p

  15. I got excited getting to be your 100th follower! Seems your blog is going to go far! I got nominated for this but I never got to post it yet >.< Definitely have to do it! Your post is just so good, though! I am jealous of your rabbits, I want one haha. ^^ Love the pictures, too!



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