Monday, January 7, 2013

Can I fly?

I'm in the middle of my final exam.. Forgive me for not reply all the comments, didn't visit you back and blogwalking these days.. :(
I'm so busy with my college and community as usual..
So, here, some photos taken on 20 December 2012.. We were on a meeting for last year event, and suddenly Kak Wahyu "paraw" (senior from MPB) wanted to take my pictures ^^ then Miftah took my pictures too..
First time wearing my club's t-shirt, I cropped the sleeve.
taken by Kak Wahyu "paraw"
Taken by Rizky Hidayat
candid by (?)
A bit blur. Taken by Miftah Faridh

A cute heart socks. by Miftah Faridh
Love every single from this outfit, the socks is totally cute with heart on it. So unique socks!
The Bag! My new backpack! Its blue pink Lost Mannequin Winged Backpack! So cute right? It's waterproof and thick enough, but not heavy, so I can put my camera ^^

Thanks for Kak Paraw and Miftah (Rizky too) for these photos.
date : 20-12-2012
location : A park in Banjarmasin
photographer : Rizky Hidayat, Kak Wahyu "paraw", and Miftah Faridh
wardrobe : Mint Jegging - Zara, Skirt - Gaudi, T-shirt - MPB, Loafers - Dexter, Socks - Payless, Backpack - K+, Blue White Line T-Shirt - Phenomenal, Ribbon Ring - Secret Garden

15 sweet words:

  1. cute bag and skirt :3
    ribbon ring is cute too anyway! :)

  2. kenapa sih dek Tas ama sepatunya selalu lucu *tanda tanda envy :D
    semangat ya dek UASnya, aku juga lagi final exam nih, eh I mean last exam. cos semester 8 nanti tinggal skripsweet :D *amin*, eh dek ayu semester brapa sih? :D

    join my GIVEAWAY:

  3. wow cute abis yu ,,,tasnya unik amat ya beli di mana ?
    selamat belajar yu dan moga sukses

  4. You look sooooo cute, abosultely love it! Hijab looks great on you, did i already say that?

    Thanks for the follow babe, following you back n GFC!


  5. I love your backpack! It's look girly, unique, quirky, edgy, aaaaah so cute!

  6. lucu mbaknya,,,!!
    salam kenal mbak,,,!
    oh sebelumya asalamualikum dulu heheheheh

    kunjung Forza SKK

    dan folow juag yah

    bloger mbak sudah saya folow # 90

  7. It's okayy
    We all got the same LOL

    Beautiful look!
    so stylish
    I also love the photo tone

  8. hi, thank you for visiting,dropping such sweet comment and following. have a great 2013 :D

  9. tasnya sangat-sangat unik,bisa diajak jalan-jalan ke awan kayanya tu tas,ada sayapnya gitu,heee...:))

  10. Love the shots! Great back pack, too! I've been wanting one, envious! haha (: my favorite shot is the one with your arm out holding your camera out and then it's mirrored! Very cute ^^

  11. What a cool idea to wearing t-shirt! Love it!


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