Monday, December 3, 2012

My weekend

Hi Guys! How have you been? I hope y'all good!
How's my new blog design? I design and edit it with my friend help.
Thanks a lot Adit for your help :D It's not finish yet, I'll edit it again maybe.

So, on Friday (30 November 2012), last day of my college schedule, my classmates, Eka took a pictures of me, then Arief took a candid photo too.


my new ring, it "SHUT UP"
  don't forget to drink a milk everyday!
above is the candid from Arief, I look so bad, so better to cover my face :p and the bottom one taken by Eka too
 A couple days before was my bestfriend birthday, she is Arina! I gave her a gift that day. :D

 date : 30th November 2012
location : campus
photographer : Eka, Arief, Desi.
wardrobe : Black Skirt - unbranded, Socks "Gosh", Loafers "Itz Yours", Brown Mustache Brooch "Ayuyu", Watch - a gift from Arina, Ring "Stroberi"
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 The next day, Saturday (1 December 2012), was a full day for me. Start from the morning till the night. Hang out with my friends, kkk..
On the morning, I did street hunting with my mpb club member, finally~ I did it again..
Taken by Kak Intan. the boy behind me is kak Andri
with kak Intan
 Then after went to Sekolah Bawang, we, the volunteers from Drop Your Books drank coconut ice together, then having brunch in KFC with Kak Nyun (kak Yunisa) and kak Anet. Again, meet mpb's member there.

 date : 1st December 2012
location : Sudimampir market, KFC
photographer : Kak Intan, Kak Andri
wardrobe : Sweater "Korean Hoodies",  Mint Jeans "Zara", Socks "Sox Galeri", Shoes "Ayuyu X D'Tinkerbell"
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Then, on Saturday noon, I went out with my cousin and our friends, Kina, Anna, and Maulida. They're from the same class of English Department, but I close with them, cause we was in the same English class before. We went to a mall and window shopping, kkk. girls time.
Kak Yunisa told me there were a reptile exhibition again, so I don't wanna miss it.
These photos taken by my cousin, Dhini.
 There are so many reptiles and mammals, some of them. Taken by Dhini and me.
With Ki, ki, ki, Kina :3
date : 1st December 2012
location : D mall
photographer : Me, Dini, Kina
wardrobe :Skirt "Ayuyu" design by me, unbranded Shirt, Satchel Bag "Classroom", Socks "Gosh", Oxford shoes "Ayuyu X D'TInkerbell" 
On the night, I watched MAMA with my cousin, Dini and Winda till 1 AM. kkk~ fangirl-ing mode on.

So, that's my weekend.
I didn't go anywhere where on Sunday except ride a bicycle with Kak Nyun on the morning.
 After a full-day on the Saturday.
So, how's your weekend?

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  1. Seru ya, De, kayaknya :D. Btw, header n template-nya baru ya?? baguus :)

    1. iya kak Mia, selalu seru *eh*. hehe
      yepyep, header dan template baru. tapi masih mau dibenerin lagi, makasih kaka :D

  2. I really love and much like the new image of your blog ( ReFreshing, Cute and sweet) The images in this post are very friendly :-) Take Care.

    1. thank you Alponse, such a really nice comments.. Take care too~

  3. you look sweet.
    lets follow each other?

    1. thank you Kim Bim, I'll visit your blog soon. :D

  4. suka banget templatenya yang ini dek :*
    *tapi judulnya yang paling atas agak gak kelihatan :D

    1. makasih kak Rini *hug*
      iya ka, jadinya kurang kelihatan karena headernya warna-warni.. nanti deh di urus lagi :D

  5. keren yu bajunya ,wow ular piton yu ya ,,motifnya lucu ya .templetnya keren

  6. thnx so much fr your lovely comment dear.
    such cute pics.following u too
    xo sabbi

  7. aaahh snakes! I like your skirt btw

    1. suka snakes mutia?
      thank you dear :D

  8. cieee... template baru. love it!
    btw...I always do milk-ing for my breakfast.haha.

    visit! follow!

    1. hahaha, iya Surya, new template, tapi belum rampung...
      great! kalo waktu SMA aku juga tiap hari drink milk, tapi pas kuliah agak jarang sih.. gak sempaat..

  9. Ciee kakak template baru, anw yukk kalau Echa pulang kebanjarmasin foto-foto yuuukk ;p *numplang eksis* :P


    1. hehee, iyaa, template baru nih cha..
      waaah boleh, ayo kalo ke banjarmasin, kita meet up hehee

  10. Love the choco looks <3
    Ugh I hate to see reptiles X(
    Btw, Please check my new outfit post and Happy Thursday!

    Lots of Love, Ina.

    1. thank you Ina. hehe, dont see the reptiles but see me. :D
      yay, the choco looks..
      alright dear :3

  11. ular yang coklat coraknya kyk batik xD

    visit my blog ^^

    1. iyaa, kaya batik yang coklat itu, cantik banget.. :D

  12. lovely new design ^^ love your pictures too :)


  13. You look cute in the pictures! <3
    Aaak, i'm scared with the snake x_x I don't like them

    sweet and sugars,

    1. thank you Dias :D
      I'm not as long the snakes are tame :D

  14. Nice blog :)
    Ur leaving in Indonesia ? I don't know this country at all but i would be glad to discover it ! maybe one day i hope ^^

    New post on :


    1. thank you Coline! Yes I live in Indonesia, a great country :D
      I hope so, ^^


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