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The wedding party

I went to Surabaya on September 6th cause my lovely cousin, Mba' Putri married :D
I'm so excited, last time I visit my family in East Java was last year Ied Al-Fitr. So, it's been more than a year.
The wedding on 8 and 9. On 6th, I went to Bangil, Pasuruan, my grandpa live there. Then the next day, I went to Malang, some of my cousins live there too. Then on 8 till 9 I stay in Surabaya. on 10th Sept I back to Banjarmasin. btw I skip my first college class on 10th, glad my friends said the lecture didn't come. :P

Kemaren tanggal 6 Septermber aku ke Surabaya, karena, sepupuku dr. Tyagita Anastasia (kami manggilnya mba' Putri) married with M. Ashabul Kahfi, ST. Terakhir kali ke Jawa TImur itu hari raya idul fitri tahun kemaren, udah lebih dari 1 tahun.
Acara pernikahannya tanggal 8 dan 9. Tanggal 6 pas nyampe Surabaya langsung ke Bangil, Pasuruan, soalnya kakek tinggal disana. Hari berikutnya ke Malang, beberapa keluarga tinggal di sana. Terus tanggal 8 dan 9 nya stay di  Surabaya. Tanggal 10 balik Banjarmasin. Padahal tanggal 10 itu perkuliahan udah mulai, tapi aku bolos :p untung kata teman di kelas dosennya juga gak ada yang masuk.
So, here the pictures of my short trip~
on the way to Malang, I ate one of my favorite ice cream, the bean flavor. Yum!
my lil brother, Gozy
 with my cousins, Mba' Dinda on left and Mba' Irma on right
 Our family had a lunch in Cianjur Restaurant. I enjoy my ice cream, it's sticky rice (ketan)
After lunch, my hands got henna, a India's body art and it's halal for my religion. My cousins got it too before
Selesai makan siang, tanganku di warnai dengan henna. Itu lho, pacar India. Sepupu-sepupu cewek yang lain udah duluan, I'm last.
The next day, we went to Surabaya to attend the "seserahan", an Indonesian's ritual for married
The gifts from the groom to the bride
the icing fondant cake. nyum nyum

After that, took a picture with my family (minus my brother)

With other family :D
The wedding party is on September 9th.. It's in Graha ITS, Surabaya
 Even, Indonesia's Minister of Education and Culture, Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Mohammad Nuh, DEA. cames, because he's the groom's relatives. The one who use brown batik below.
 Then here the bride
 With the bridegroom
 She's so beautiful right?
My nephew, Kenzie
 My lovely Grandpa.. I really adore him :D
 The night, last night in Surabaya, I went to Tunjungan Plaza, we always go there, and when I ordered a coffee in J.CO, they gave me a free mug and free donuts. They said it's from one of the waiter.. How lucky I am
Thanks a lot to my cousin, mba' Dinda who took my pictures on the wedding party..
 date : 9th September 2012
location : Graha ITS Surabaya
photographer : Mba' Dinda, Dad, my lil brother, and others family
wardrobe :Orange Shawl - Royal Plaza Surabaya, Orange Kaftan - my mom, Black jegging, Purple wedges - Vinea, satchel bag - Matahari Dept. Store, Headband - Stroberi

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  1. wow selamat untuk pernikahan saudaranya nya ,,,keren banget tuh outfitnya keliatan feminimnya ,,,btw pegel ga tuh pasa di henna?

  2. Nice story, nice photos <3 And I love your style at wedding party...


    1. thank you ,cha ;)
      hmm, because my families decides to wear kaftan, so I wore it too :D

  3. i love people in kebayas! that kebaya wedding dress is so pretty <3


    1. me too hehe.. it's describe Indonesia so much.. :D

  4. Kalau gambarnya banyak kayak gini, saranku postingannya di potong aja berdasarkan harinya... itu lebih rapi menurutku ^._.^

    1. sebenarnya itu udah berdasar hari kak.. hehe.. cuma yang paling atas buat keterangan aja :P
      makasih sarannya kaka.. next post diusahain lebih rapi :D

    2. Sama2 de'... saling berbagi saran aja biar sama2 lebih baik :)

  5. I love your wedding outfit and I absolutely love your henna tattoo (hope I will make it some day). :)
    You have a new follower, dear. :)

    1. thank you Bela for following me :D
      me too, I really like my henna tattoo.
      make one and tell me if you already make it ;)

  6. wow , is so amazing that ritual with painting on hand , like it !! bride was so beautiful ! <3 great post my darling !!

    Marina ,

    1. yes, it is :D the bride was so beautiful!
      thank you Marina ;)

  7. pretty bride!

    Selalu menyenangkan ya, datang ke acara nikahan.
    Btw di sini belum ada foto2 makananan pestanya???

    1. yep she is!
      iyaa, apalagi jauh jauh dari kalimantan ke surabaya wkwkwk..

      nah itu dia, I forgot! terlalu asyik makan sana makan sini sampe lupa difoto.
      most of the foods are East food, like Kebab.

  8. gayanya keren :) hijabnya juga bagus, warna bajunya kontras :D

    1. thanks Janice! hehe, iya, menjingga hari itu..

  9. waduh.. pertama kali dolan kesini malah disuguhin kue nikahan ama es yang seger.. jadi bikin laper pas BW, makan dulu ah hehehe

    salam kenal mbak

  10. You look very beautiful. Sounds like a wonderful time.

    <3 Melissa

  11. wah. .c0ngratulations. .titip salam bwt mbk.nya sm0ga jadi kluarga yg sakinah,mawadah,war0hmah :D

    follow my blog BLACK HTC

  12. wow cool yaw :D this is first time ive seen indonesian wedding :) thanks for sharing my indonesian friends :)

    1. thank you MrSyam :D
      really? an honor for me..
      this is just one of many Indonesian wedding tradition :D

  13. i love the tattoo.. looks great on you :)

  14. Woow! this family event looks lovely! you have very beautiful traditions!

    And i love your outfit so much! <3

    1. thank you dear ;) yes, it's a beautiful traditions!


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