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Bahana in Campus Orientation "intro"

Hi all! it's been more then ten days since my last post. I haven't reply your comments too. But I'll!
long time no post, no blogwalking, and I miss all!
as I said in my last post, I'll post about my art group last activity, that's a "show" in my campus orientation! It's not about ghost or anything scary though our faces like that. It's about independence day. But... mmm.. mm.. hard to describe.. some of us who didn't play were dressed too. Like me.
So, here the full pictures (not full actually. You can see that hundreds photos in my facebook album here)
 The campus orientation held for 4 days and 2 phase. So, our art college has a booth for over 8 days.. Other extracurricular have their booth too, like Kempo, Taekwondo, other art group, Student Pres, etc.

Finally back! udah lebih dari 10 hari gak nyentuh blog, no post, no blogwalking, belum balas komen2 di post sebelumnya juga.. I miss u all!
Yah, karena disibukkan dengan acara yang berturut-turut. Pentas Sanggar di ospek institut, ospek fakultas, kawinan di Surabaya, ngurus ini itu-nya kuliah... Untungnya, udah selesai semua. So I'm finally back!.. di post sebelumnya kan ngebahas penampilan sanggarku, sanggar Bahana Antasari di ospek institut. Sebenarnya konsepnya bukan hantu atau sesuatu yang menakutkan. Tentang kemerdekaan kok pentasnya. Tapi kenapa jadi some of us didandani kaya gitu, mmm.. susah dijelaskan... Intinya yang main maupun gak main di dandani... Menurutku sih, kesempatan banget, kesempatan langka, jarang-jarang bisa didandani kaya gitu.. :D
foto-fotonya gak diupload semua, there are hundreds, jadi sebagian aja yg diposting.. di facebook juga ada, here)

 Special booth set up for the campus orientation

 another silly pictures by lemot duo :P
 taken by my senior
 with seniors
 iseng-iseng nyoba kacamata, biasanya aku pake kacamata kalau jalan malam aja sih
 Then, the last day of orientation, 31st August, my art group filled the event with a show. Ah, the make up artist not only Kak Dita, there're Kak Maya and Kak Nia too..
 Arief, my "dad" in our first stage, I forgot who make him up..
some of my friends and seniors were asking for a photo with me :D 
 Kak Marlong (just an alias in our art group) totally awesome!
 I brought my senior, kak Maya, "art group" shirt, because my generation still didn't have it..
 the black shirt with many buttons is mine. fyi, for an art event, we usually wear our "art group" clothes, but for who didn't have it, like my generation, should wear a black clothes to match other.
after the show, introducing our art group to the new students
 after the show and intro, we took a picture in front of the auditorium.
 can you spot me?

 our ex chairman, that day's MC
 after erased my make up, I run to join my friends, and a senior took a picture of me
 ketahuan ini senior lagi merhatiin saya.. wkwkwk.. just kidding ka

The second campus orientation held on 6th-9th September, and because I went to East Java, I can't join them :( but, on 6th I still visit our booth..
Some juniors asked for signatures and our art stamps. It's a must for them who join the orientation.
 Ini junior yang nervous minta stamp, karena disuruh macem-macem dulu sama orang-orang sanggar.. LOL

If you want to see other post about my art group activities. Here:
our traditional dancer in Mapala's agenda here
our 19th generation first stage here.. must see!
The winner of Ganesha Theater Festival here.
A cullinary tourism with Bahana here.
Join an operet in MTQ here.

So, see you guys in the next post about my faculty orientation ;)

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  2. nice blog! maybe we can follow each other if you want? :)

    1. thank you Mustika ;)
      I'll visit your blog dear :D

  3. Your campus really had a fun orientation! I always thought that orientation in every campus in Indonesia would be so tiring and torturing haha

    1. hahaha.. other campus too. it depend on the people. there are some who enjoy it and not..
      well, the orientation was so tiring even for the committees. But I really enjoyed it..

  4. banjarmasin? hehe
    so glad I'm become a part of kalsel at PON 2012!
    org banjar baik-baik bgt huehe
    masa orientasinya unik ya hehe! no bully :)


    1. itu ngewakilin kalsel di pon krn kaka memang dari kalsel atau bukan??
      hehe iyaa orang banjar ramah-ramah..

      karena bukan panitia ospek kampus (cuma panitia ospek fakultas) jadi gak terlalu tau yg ini ada bully-nya atau gak. but I think it didn't

  5. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

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