Friday, August 10, 2012

I'm getting... =_=" yes, old in the next few days

Related to my previous post a while ago, Hijab Hunt admin list me as 19yo, the fact that I'm still 18yo.
Ok, I'll be 19 in a few days. "A few days".. noooo.. I'm not that ready actually.
But yeah, ready or not, time will pass.
19 yo... means just one year again to 20. and I'll leave my teens. :(
I don't except much for this 19 since my August's wish in early August didn't come true. And that's my only ONE wish.... and recently some things went even worse, and... I officially missing you. forget it.
it's 1 AM while I writing for this one, I can't sleep and just tweeting with my fellas. 

means that I should be more mature and look like adult, right? pheew..
 Last year, I celebrated my 18th birthday with my cousins since I still in Banjarmasin. What about this year? I dunno. I don't have a plan. My best friends aren't here too. I feel like I'm alone.

I looked a little gloomy, moody, cloudy, gray, sad, depressing, melancholy, down, or whatever it is this time. A pms maybe? haha.

yeah, I miss my childhood badly.
people said
"when you're getting old, you miss your childhood. when you're young, you wanna grow up faster"
I'll be 19 this August 17th.

20 sweet words:

  1.'s okay! just live day by day and make every moment count :) i feel like my life is going to fast too...i dont want to go to college!! Dx

    your baby picture is cute though ^^ happy early birthday!

    1. hehee, but it's not that easy to me, Grace..
      yeah, but you hv to go to college dear ;)

      thank you, a picture of me when I was 3 or 4 yo.

  2. happy b'day sayangggggg~
    don't worry, when you're 20, everything will be moreeeeee beautiful :))))

    1. not yet kak Rini ;)
      a few days later. hehe..
      but thank you kaa..

      really? is it that beautiful?

  3. i'll be like you (19y0) for few months :D happy birthday for you :)

    1. really?? I'll be in a few days though.

  4. waduh gw nyesel gw gak terlalu pinter bhs inggris -_____- tp gw ngerti lo ultah ya, happy birthday neng :)

    1. just learning ;) gw jg gk terlalu bisa kok..
      belum bang, masih beberapa hari lagi :D
      lo udh 19 kan?

    2. ow iya pas 17 agustus ya haha adik gw 16 agustus
      ok gpp ngucapinnya sekarang :D
      iya juni lalu naik 19 :)

    3. yep benar sekali XD nanti ucapin lagi :p
      happy belated birthday yaa ;)

  5. Happy birthday kak^^ next week right? hihihi peterpan syndrome. We have the same syndrome;p Lovely blog<3 mind to follow each other?;)

    Eka Theresia♥

    1. yep next week Eka :D
      nah! that is what I mean. Peterpan syndrome, kekeke...
      I'll follow you dear ;)

  6. Happy birthday :)

    I follow you, can you follow me back?

    1. not yet ;)

      allright Anita! Thank you.

  7. such a nice blog :)

    i'm holding giveaway maybe you'll like it. you have a chance to will all the accessorise

  8. wah umurnya bertambah satu tahun ...he,,,he sukses ya


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