Friday, August 10, 2012

hijab hunt 2012

finally I joined Hijab Hunt too, my thread is here. Fun fact, I'm still 18 yo, but they list me as 19 yo.. ==' allright, I'll get my 19 in a few days.. And yes, I'm not ready.

Thanks for Kak Nisa for told me about this hijab hunt and Kak Nour who encourage me :*
here's their thread.
Kak Nisa's thread is here
and kak Nour's thread is
also for this comment
it's not about win or lose XD but to join it as a girl who wear hijab or veil. 

4 sweet words:

  1. woho,,,selamat,sukses ya ,di kasi bonus satu tahun umurnnya adeayu,,,he,,,he

    1. hahaha.. iya kaka juga sukses yaa..dikasih bonus yang gak enak dilihat :P

  2. itu semacam modeling ya ? :) wih selamat n sukses terus :)

    1. hmm, yep sejenis itu.. thanks yaa ;) kamu juga :D


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