Sunday, August 12, 2012

Floral printed on weekend

 It was a good weekend! Met up with my classmates from high school (twelfth grade science program group 1), it's been a long long time no see them after my last semester's holiday on January..
Even though it's rainy outside.. I took some pictures of myself while waiting for the rain stops. Playing with my mom's fake flower.
Sabtu kemaren, akhirnya ketemu sama teman-teman sekelas waktu SMA (XII IPA 1), kita manggilnya Twepas, terakhir ketemu mereka pas liburan semester Januari kemaren, sama teman-teman ngumpul dan buka bersama di rumah Ibu Narmi, wali kelas dari kelas 11.
Pas mau berangkat, eh hujan lebat. Dan sambil nunggu hujan berhenti, I took some pictures!
Ini sebenarnya pajangan foto, fotonya dijepitin. Aku nemu pajangan ini pas lagi bongkar-bongkar laci, dan nemu banyak (juga nemu pernak-pernik lainnya) XD will post it later~
 Just a silly pictures >w<
 my diy necklace and tree ring. They were 3D scrapbook things, but I make them to necklace and ring XD
Sebenarnya itu kalung sama cincin kalung untuk scrapbook tapi malah ku jadiin cincin dan kalung XD
 About my outfit today, the baby pink veil was my mom, she bought it last April or May, when she went to Jakarta. The bag was her too, It's Charles and Keith 2way bag. The floral printed dress was mine and really old! I bought it 4 years ago and rarely wear it.  My flower ring really match with my dress XD and the brown mustache brooch made by me. I made it from flannel. Cute isn't it?
 About my outfit today, jilbab baby pink dan tasnya punya Mama, karena pas balik (pulkam) gak bawa banyak baju dan tas. Kalau dress motif bunganya itu udah lama banget, belinya waktu masih kelas 1 SMA. Dan yang paling aku suka, bros kumisnya XD buat sendiri dari flanel, lho. Rencananya mau bikin kalung dan cincinnya juga XD bahkan, kakak cowokku dan pacarnya mesan buat mereka berdua.
another silly pictures
 my mom's fake flowers. I took it from the vase. The flower are awesome, right?
It's blur by it self :(
brown one is mine. red one is my brother. pink one is my brother's gf
  And here, my Alice in Wonderland Blackberry case from Loly Poly. I really love Alice and the case has floral printed too, match perfectly with my dress.
Did you spot the girl who bring rose in my phone? It's dust protector for phone's earplug jack. I totally into this earplug now XD so far I have three, an ice cream, Domo, and this one. FYI, it's cheap! But some are expensive too. I just bought the cheap but it's not look that cheap, right?
While writing for this post, I listen to Taylor Swift's Today was a fairytale.
The rain outside. It's heavy rain and I love it
date : 11th August 2012
location : house
photographer : me and self timer
photo editor : no edit
wardrobe : Baby Pink Veil - my mom, Floral printed dress, Rosy Brown Cardigan "Rast Style", Grey Jeans, 2way bag - my mom "Charles & Keith"
Accessorizes : Tree necklace and ring - diy "Ayuyu", bangles, brown mustache brooch - diy "Ayuyu", flower ring "Stroberi"
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  1. such an adorable outfit ☺


  2. Replies
    1. hihihi, gak boleh ya mas Yoga?? blog kan memang buat narsis-narsisan juga. :p dan blogku ini emang lebih ke fashion, hoho

  3. What a cute outfit! Me likey :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  4. lovely dress :D

    Come and hail to my cruise~

  5. hahaha bagusan dijadiin kalung daripada scrapbook kayaknya (: flannel brosnya juga lucu, well done!

    1. iya kan ka XD murah meriah lagi itu benda scrapbook, kalau dijadiin cincin dan kalung lebih bagus.
      makasih kak. itu mustache flanel brooch mau bikin kalung dan cincinnya juga haha.. 1 set

  6. jepitan foto? orly??? aku baru tau kalo itu jepitan foto -_- aku juga punya satu, tapi bentuknya panda (^O.O^)
    I want your mustache brooch!!! I want it!

    visit! follow!

    1. yeepp really! itu jepitan foto. hahaha. wah punya yang panda ya? fotoin dong. aku punya macam-macam, kumbang-bunga-hewan. sama yang heart itu. hehe..

      if you want my mustache brooch than order it from me or #diy XD

  7. W.O.W!
    Hijab Fashion blogger!

    Well, salam kenal ya ayu :)
    So sorry for late replying ur comments.

    1. hahaha.. thanks Aul! ;) Yes I do proud with it XD

      salam kenal juga ya. never mind, I knew your sick, just get well soon ;)

  8. Anyway, I like the combination of your floral dreess, veil and cardigan.

    reminds me of Choco-Strawberry Ice cream :9

    Mungkin lengan cardigannya yg agak pendek. mungkin seru kalo ditambah manset. hehe. #usul

    1. really?? Am I remind you with ice cream? than am I that delicious? hahaha.. just kidding.. I love ice cream though!

      ditambah manset? nice idea, but it's gonna be hot >_<

  9. You are so cute! I adore floral prints as well... they are so trendy right now!! Have an amazing week!

    1. Thank you Borka. hehehe, you're cute too XD
      yes, floral prints are so trendy now, the vintage one too..
      have an amazing week too, dear.

  10. Cute outfit!

  11. such a lovely outfit,dear ;) love the floral dress!


  12. Hi dear!
    I love so much you're blog, I follow u :)

    My name in GFC is: sexy_paige_cucu.

    Hope u follow back :D :D :D

    A lot of kisses.

    1. Hi Sara!
      thank you for loving my blog hehe
      Sure, I'll!

  13. aku suka banget sama blognya..
    isi blog dan postinganya bagus, menarik dan bermanfaat sakali..:)
    jangan lupa untuk terus menulis menulis yaa..^_^

    oia salam kenal
    kalau berkenan silahkan mampir ke EPICENTRUM
    folloback juga ya buat nambah temen sesama blogger,,tukeran link juga boleh,,makasih..^_^

    1. wah makasih ya.. thanks a lot kalau postinganku bisa bermanfaat.
      Yep, insyaALlah terus menulis kok :D

      salam kenal juga, sure, I'll check your blog :)

  14. Replies
    1. thank you Stevia ;) I still learn though :D

  15. itu yang lope lope pajangan foto dek? lucu bangetttttttt. ama bros kumisnya juga, kakak mau dongggggg~ :D

    1. iyaa pajangan foto ka, fotonya diselipin ditengah XD ada penjepitnya. hihi.. aku ada beberapa, macam2 bentuknya..

      ayo kak, bikin juga atau pesan sama aku haha..

  16. ketemu temen lama itu hal menyenangkan ya emang
    and about your outfit, i think i love your bag :-D

    1. iya kak seneng banget setelah berbulan-bulan gak ketemu, bahkan ada yang hampir setahun udah gak ketemu..
      I love the bag too, but that's my mom :(

  17. lovely post! thank you for always visiting me!
    It really makes me happy doll! have a great week!

    1. aww welcome Borka.. You've always visited my blog too dear.
      have a great week too!

  18. great blog!

    Would you like to follow each other? :)
    I'm already following you. Please follow me back! :)


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