Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eid Al Fitr (1st day)

Happy Eid Al Fitr for all around the world!
Please forgive all my mistakes :D

After about one month of fasting -I'm not full cause my period- finally Eid day come, unfortunately, since one day before Eid, I got sick, an ill. And because of my period time, I can't pray Eid together, just stay at home by myself. 
In my big family -or should I say, most of family in my town- usually celebrate the first day with gather in my grandpa's house, then in the night, almost all families gather in one of other family. Usually in my house, but this year, we gather in my aunt (Dini's mom) house. First day just for big family! This is what I really like with my big family tradition. It's a bit different with my family's tradition in Java, last year my family and I celebrate Eid Al Fitr in Java, we celebrate Eid Al Fitr this year in Kalimantan, then, next year (maybe) in Java, take turns.
Because of my silly sickness, I can't really enjoy my first day, just sit or lie down in my grandpa's house while my cousin and others play around, how pity am I.

Setelah 1 bulan puasa -tapi gak full karena, biasa cewek-, akhirnya Idul Fitri datang (y), sayangnya, sehari sebelum Idul Fitri, aku malah sakit :( dan karena lagi "biasa cewek", juga gak bisa ikut shalat Id, cuma di rumah sendirian nungguin keluarga kelar shalat.
Di keluarga besarku (mom's family) -dan bisa dibilang, hampir kebiasaan keluarga di kotaku- biasanya hari pertama ngumpul di rumah kakek, dari selesai shalat, terus sore atau malamnya ngumpul di salah satu rumah dari big family, biasanya di rumahku, tapi tahun ini di rumah tanteku (Dini's mom). Hari pertama khusus untuk keluarga aja! Ini yang paling suka dari tradisi idul fitri keluarga besarku. Tahun lalu, aku ngerayain idul fitri di Jawa (dad's family), giliran jadinya, tahun ini di kalimantan, jadi kemungkinan tahun depan di Jawa lagi :D.
Karena penyakit dadakan yang konyol ini, aku gak terlalu menikmati hari pertama, cuma duduk atau tiduran di rumah kakek, sedangkan yang lain asyik ngobrol dan main, how pity :(
And you will just see my pale face :( I didn't take many photos because of it.
the yellow headband was made by myself :D
 my lil brother Ghozy (the brown gamis) and our cousin Rajab (the white gamis)
 with my cousins, Dini, Kak Fitri, me, and Ira
my littlest cousin, Dafi, he's 8 months and so handsome!
 Cokelat-cokelat bikinanku, isinya coklat stroberi dan keju (yummy), 1 toples penuh.
 Mrs. Irma from YAB sent me a bbm with this pictures, she said it's a gift from the children and her. I'm so excited what's inside. Thanks a lot bu :D
the day before Eid, my parent's friend who has a bakery sent this cake
Glad, after a nap, I'm a bit recovered and in the evening, we went to Dini's house :D
I'm so excited, because her house so wonderful! And of course, I took so many pictures with Dini.
Untungnya setelah tidur siang, sakitnya agak berkurang, dan sorenya, kami pergi ke rumah Dini. Excited banget, dan tentu aja, I took so many pictures with Dini.
my mom and me


  and my silly photos
 candid by Dini

next days, I really enjoy Eid Al Fitr. The second days, my juniors in senior high school, my classmates in shs, and other family came to my house, on the evening I went to my friends and teachers house. The third day, my bffs, Tiur Sinaga came to my house and then I went out with my cousin, Hendra, we celebrated our belated birthday together :D
Will tell it on the next post!

date : 19th August 2012
location : Grandpa's house and Dini's house
photographer : Me, Dini, my cousins Qory, and self timer
wardrobe :Yellow(?) Veil - my mom, Black T-shirt "Ayuyu" (diy), Mint Jeans "Zara", Slip-on shoes "Toms", 2way bag - my mom "Charles & Keith", Headband "Ayuyu" (diy), belt, Keroro Gunso necklace "E-Sun" by my cousin.

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  1. wohoo,,,,kaftan ,,,,,keren-keren ,,selamat hari raya idul fitri ya mohon maaf lahir dan bathin

    1. kaftan punya mama, ka.. aku gak punya :D

  2. very very nice pictures, u know how to rock your look and that's admirable! keep it up girl, ur awesome

    will follow you

    1. thank you :D Well, I was sick that day. I just try to be fashionable and comfortable with my outfit :D

  3. hmmm, wahh keren...

    Visit back, drop you comment, or exchange links..:)

  4. happy eid dek ayu, wuih kaftannya bling bling :D

    1. iya happy eid juga kak :D
      kaftannya punya mama dan sejujurnya gak suka sama bling blingnya itu, jadi berasa tuwir.

    2. haha kakak shock liyat dek ayu pake kaftan :D

    3. me too, kak.
      that's really not my style.. cuma karena udah tradisi keluarga pake baju muslim/gamis/kaftan, jadi ya harus gitu juga :D cuma hari pertama dan cuma di rumah nenek aja kok ka untungnya.

  5. like your pants and bag so much !!! :D

    Marina ,

    1. the bag's my mom.. wish it mine :D
      Thank you Marina

  6. thank you for dropping all ur comments on my blog. Anyway, lovely style, amazing :D
    also, Happy Eid Mubarak :D

    1. welcome dear~ ;)
      happy eid mubarak too!

  7. happy belated eid mubarak sweetheart ☺

  8. wahhh keren tuhh....awesome experience ^_^

    1. yeah, but I was sick so I can't really enjoy it.

  9. Nice blog :)
    I have newest post in my blog and I hope you'll be happy after check out my blog :)
    maybe follow each other ?! :D I'll follow back you if you follow me to :)

    1. Thank you Friska, sure, I'll visit your blog ;)

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  11. kaftanx pas koq sm ur handmade headband :)
    gak tuwir koq say hehe...
    following u now...

  12. but I still think I look older :D
    iya headbandnya handmade XD
    thank you dear ;)


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