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BigBang is VIP Banjarmasin Gathering

BigBang Indonesia, 1st Gathering VIP Banjarmasin
 Holla! I back to Banjarmasin on Saturday, August 25th, and the next day, 26th August, VIP South Kalimantan regional fanbase, a fandom for a boyband group named BigBang or Big Bang held the first gathering! 
Holla! Aku balik ke Banjarmasin lagi sabtu kemaren, terus besoknya, 26 Agustus, salah satu fandom korea, VIP (untuk wilayah kalsel) dari sebuah grup dari korea selatan, Bigbang atau Big Bang ngadain gahtering pertamanya!
before the gathering
Do you know BigBang? Yes? No? Ok, first I'll tell about BigBang. 
Bigbang is a South Korean Band (see?? THEY ARE MORE THAN JUST A BOYBAND) under YG Entertainment, formed in 19th August 2006, consist of G-dragon the leader, TOP, Seungri, Daesung, and Taeyang. They have been labeled the "Revolutionary Group of Korean Music Wave" for their unique urban-originated music and fashion style. From 2009 to 2010, Big Bang expanded their endeavors to Japan, and were voted "the Korean group that Japanese fans wish to see the most". 
They became the first foreign group awarded "Best Newcomer" from the Japan Cable Broadcasting Station and "Best New Artist" at MTV Japan. After about 2years 3 months of hiatus, they back with "Tonight" in 2011. And what? In November 2011, representing the Asia-Pacific region, Big Bang emerged as the inaugural "Best Worldwide Act" winner at the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards.  

 Tau Bigbang? Iya? Gak? Nah, Bigbang itu grup band dari Korea Selatan (lebih dari sekedar boyband) di bawah naungan YG Entertainment, dibentuk tanggal19 Agustus 2006 (dan mereka baru aja ngerayain ultah keenam mereka), terdiri dari G-dragon leadernya, TOP, Seungri, Daesung, dan Taeyang. Mereka digelari "Revolutionary Group of Korean Music Wave" karena musik dan fashion style mereka yang unik. Dari 2009 sampai 2010, di Jepang, mereka menang vote sebagai Korean Group yang paling ingin ditemui oleh fans Jepang. Setelah hiatus selama 2 tahun 3 bulan (kebayang gak, gimana sabarnya VIP nungguin mereka selama itu), akhirnya tahun 2011 mereka kembali dengan lagu "tonight". And what? November 2011 kemaren, mewakili Asia Pasifik, Bigbang dengan bangga memenangkan "Best Worldwide Act" di 2011 MTV EMA di Belfast. It was the most memorable time for Bigbang self and VIP.
Goodies, the crews, my notes, and the slide when playing G-Dragon's MV
In 2012, Big Bang released their fifth Mini Album Alive in Korea and Japan. They are currently embarking on their first ever World Tour visiting twenty-five cities in sixteen countries. And yes, my beloved country Indonesia is in their list! They will hold a concert in Indonesia on October, pity me, I can't come, but some of VIP in Banjarmasin will come. How about their solo activities? Hmm, G-dragon is a producer, most of Big Bang songs was made by him, he has 2 solo albums, he has been an artist since he was 8 years old. TOP has his singles and has some dramas and movies, he currently recording his newest film called Alumnus. Taeyang has two albums and the best dancer in Bigbang. Daesung also hosted many programs and has a drama, he is the entertainment one. Seungri has his solo album too and currently really popular in Japan and doing some solo activities there. 
Tahun 2012 ini, Bigbang ngerilis mini album kelima mereka, Alive, di Korea dan Jepang. Sekarang mereka lagi promosi World Tour pertama mereka di 25 kota dalam 16 negara. Dan ya, negara Indonesia masuk listnya! Oktober nanti mereka bakal konser di Indonesia, nasiib gak dapat izin buat nonton, tapi VIP dari Banjarmasin beberapa ada yang nonton kesana. Gimana dengan aktivitas solo mereka? Hmm, Kalo leadernya Gd tuh produser, hampir semua lagu Bigbang dibuat olehnya, dia juga punya 2 solo album, udah jadi artis sejak umur 8 tahun. TOP, rappernya bigbang punya beberapa single, dia juga aktor, punya beberapa drama dan film, sekarang lagi syuting film Alumnus. Taeyang, best dancernya Bigbang punya dua album solo, Daesung yang multi-talented ngehost di beberapa acara dan juga punya drama sendiri. Seungri, yang paling muda punya album solo juga, sekarang lagi aktif ngehost dan lain-lain di Jepang.

 Internationally, Big Bang obtained 5 spots out of the Top 10 on Billboard K-pop's Hot 100 and charted at 150 on Billboard 200, making them the first Korean artist with a Korean album to do so. They also charted at #4 on Heatseekers Albums, #22 on Independent Albums, #4 on World Albums, and #1 on Taiwan Album charts, beating out local artists. Their popularity through social media landed them #24 on Billboard 50 Social Chart, marking another first for Korean boy groups. Since the release of Alive, Big Bang has received recognition from notable sites such as Gawker, Jukebox (France), Refinery29 (Britain), Letras (Brazil), Ligação Teen (Brazil), Rolling Stone, Ebony Magazine, Time Magazine, and a photo was featured on the Grammy Awards homepage. G-Dragon and TOP collaborated with British singer Pixie Lott's "Dancing On My Own" included on her Japanese album. On May 5, 2012, six months after their EMA win, the group won an international award at MTV Italy's "2012 TRL Awards" under the category "Best Fan", beating out artists such as Avril Lavigne and One Direction.
You can read more here.
 Enam bulan setelah menang di EMA, Big Bang menang lagi di MTV Italy "2012 TRL Awards" dengan kategori "best fan", ngalahin artis kaya Avril dan One Direction.
Winners of the quizes
Who is my bias? He's Choi Seung Hyun aka TOP, I fell for his rapping and voice! I knew Bigbang in 2008 by watching their Number 1 performance and became VIP in early 2009. I'm so proud to be VIP, I'm not shame to say that I love or being so crazy with one group. See, so many VIPs in the world, I'm not the only one. By being VIP, I've so many friends out there, in my country even other countries.
Who is my bias? dia adalah Choi Seung Hyun aka TOP, jatuh cinta pas ngedengerin rapnya diperform Number 1 2008 lalu, setelah searching tentang Bigbang, akhirnya mutusin jadi VIP di awal 2009. Bangga banget jadi VIP, gak malu untuk mengatakan bahwa aku sangat menggilai grup satu ini. Banyak banget VIP di dunia, di Korea sendiri, fans mereka nomor 2 paling banyak (nomor 1 nya DBSK, the legendary group, dan aku juga suka DBSK, but not fan). Jadi aku gak satu-satunya. Dengan VIP, aku jadi punya banyak teman, di Indonesia sendiri maupun di luar.
G-dragon updated BigBang photo when VI was the host in Japan. Taken rom Gdragon's twitter (25/08/2012)

And, my regional fan base, South Kalimantan VIP held the first gathering for Banjarmasin. First, I was one of the gathering's participant, a few days ago, our leader, Anita, asked me to be the MC, and I accepted it. The gathering -even there's some problem with the electricity- was awesome, it's successful, all the participants said the first is awesome and they want the second gathering.
Dan kemaren, VIP kalsel ngadain gathering pertamanya di Banjarmasin. Awalnya aku peserta gath, terus beberapa hari yang lalu, leader VIP Kalsel, Anita, minta aku jadi MC. Di gathering kemaren, walaupun sempat mati lampu, acaranya berlangsung lancar, sukses, semua VIP pada bilang gath pertama sukses dan pengen gath kedua XD
Newest photo of Big Bang from Gmarket's website (gmarket.co.kr).cc : BBU
Here some photos
 the cake
 VIP rite here~
 I was so surprised, the guest star is Yudira Egioppa (older brother in Korea) group, Hmm, his dancer actually, because he's the owner, the coach of his dancer groups. But he dance too yesterday, he said, the main dancer is busy so he joined it. Yudira Egi oppa is one of my kpop fans friends from cover dance, we were friends since Kpop Fantasy in last April while he was the guest star and I was the staff, I'm proud to be his dongsaeng (younger brother/sister), he's a great dancer, with his dancer entertainment, XYZ, they have won many dance contest. On VIP Gathering, even if he's the leader of all, he's so well manner, he sit in the floor like us, while other guest sit in the chairs. He didn't mind to dance alone for Fantastic Baby's cover, "alone" while other guest star just sit on the chairs. Glad he came yesterday.
The guest star cover tonight by Bigbang
with Yudira Egi oppa

I talk too much. rite? Haha, I'll be so hyper while talking everything related Bigbang.

date : 26th August 2012
location : Siga Cafe
photographer : Me and other VIPs
wardrobe :Grey Veil, BW line sweater "K+", Black Skirt, Grey jeans, Army sneaker, VIP Kalsel tee by VIP Kalsel(I make over this t-shirt), Bigbang Bandana "YG Shop", Rilakkuma handbag "Pockytocky", VIP Crown headband "E-Sun"

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  1. suka artis YG karena unik-unik artisnya contoh 2en1 dan BIGBANG itu .top abis deh gayanya .keren ade ayu

    1. makasih kaka :D awalnya suka bigbang karena musik mereka, terus keunikan mereka, stylenya juga :D YG Family jjang~

  2. pentolan YG emang keren keren :D, fansnya juga keren keren :D

    1. iya kakaa... setuju.. fansya juga keren. kekeke..kaka suka 2ne1 kan?

  3. wow you're such a big fans :p i love your shoes btw. mind to follow =back my blog? visit: vialalala.blogspot.com. thank yoouuu xoxo

    1. yes, I am! hehe..
      thank you.. guest what, I bought it in Tanah Abang, they said its leaf over and only 60k! I'll visit your blog ;)

  4. So what actually is the difference between them and the other boyband? For what I know, a band creates and plays their own music while a boyband only dances and 'sings' haha

    Anyway, you flew to Banjarmasin for the sake of the gathering? Ade, you are such a huge fan of them aren't u? That'd be something so sweet to hear if I was one of them. (;

    1. the different is most of their songs are produced by them self (the leader, G-dragon), they create the lyrics, the concepts, the musics. :D

  5. oops, my bad, km dari Banjarmasin ya haha seems like a ton of fun in the gathering tho!

    1. hahaha, iya kak, aku dari banjarmasin, now study and live there :D disurabaya juga sering kok gathering, kan sesama vip sering sharing.

  6. you got so much fun, didn't you?
    nonton besok ya? katanya mau ke indonesia kan?

    1. of course I am!! XD
      mau bangeet nonton, padahal udah siap lahir batin, tapi gak dapat izin dari ortu, jadi gak nonton deh.. sib nasiib...

  7. Lovely gathering! It must be great meeting another fan of bigbang!


    1. yes is it! Although we're usually meet every 2 weeks, this is the first gathering :D

  8. Hi dear :) I really like your blog, would you ike to follow each other? If so-follow me and leave a comment so I can see and return the love! Can;t wait to see you at my blog! :)

    1. hi!
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