Friday, August 3, 2012

Ayuyu project and random thing

whoot~ back again with Adeayu. Last week, Friday 27th July, I went to Campus as usual to stay at our freshmen orientation stand. here what I wore that day

I make a twitter ava from the picture above, and glad, some my friends comment it :3
I play with help Kak Baim, he borrowed my camera and took a picture of his Danbo. I accompany him since I like photograph too. here!

edited version
All Danbo photos credit to Simple Photograph
 date : 27th July 2012
location : campus
photographer : Me, Kak Baim, and self timer
photo editor : Adeayu
wardrobe :old key necklace, button bracelet "Ayuyu", polkadot handbag, dark stale grey veil, peru knitted cardigans "my cousin's", Dim Gray Shirt, Saddle Brown Skirt "Marissa", Brown Boot, floral printed ribbon brooch "Ayuyu"
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some of you who visit my blog, maybe have seen my new logo for my #diy things or make over. Yes, Ayuyu!
 and guess what, on 26th I make over my old floral vintage dress and made a brooch and ribbon of it!
I'm so satisfied with it! Here~
you can see, I cut both shoulders and bottom of it dress.
 and I even make the ribbon button brooch and the ribbon, which I can put it on my bag :*
I wore it on 28th, when #dropyourbooks held a fast break in Yayasan Anak Bangsa.
such a really great day, my new back arrived faster then I thought. a new 2way bag, it's black! and the night after a great fast break in YAB, we, Sanggar Bahana's member went to Banjar Baru with others. Will take about it later..
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and about random thing, just a twitter convo with my friends.
I'm sick with something and make a tweet. So happy some of my friends agree and retweet it.

33 sweet words:

  1. lucu dek, itu semacam cardigan ya yang coklat itu?

    1. makasih kaa.. iya itu knitted cardigan... aku juga suka banget modelnya, tapi punya sepupuku yang 1 rumah.. kita sering pinjam-pinjaman :D

  2. Your outerwear is so cute. It looks like a cape ;D

    Come and hail to my cruise~

    1. thank you! yes! it looks like a cape... but it has sleeves..

      I'll visit your soon~

  3. Ehm.. leh nal gak? *kok jadi alay* :D

  4. ur diy vintage dress is very nice :)

    please visit my fashion blog too, dear

    1. thank you.. no,it's not diy, I just make over the old one. hehe

      alrite dear..

  5. hmm thank you so much for your previous comment on my blog..
    you're such creative person!!

    1. welcome, Andu!
      but you haven't reply it, rite?

      thank you, but you're more creative than me..

  6. wow you're so inspiring to me!! I don't mean for this to be insulting (sorry if it is slightly) but I love how you wear your headdress (for religious purposes right?) and still are fashionable! You're awesome!! do you mind visiting my blog?? I can't promise anything but I hope you'll find something on it :)

    1. thank you Grace Lee for your sweet comment.
      No, you don't dear.. Yes I wear it for my religion, and I proud with it.
      It's nice to hear that I'm inspiring you..

      Yes, I've visited your blog. hehe..

  7. You look pretty! ^^ Love this post :)

    Join my giveaway, win lots of cute accessories for 3 lucky winners. Open worldwide till August 12th. Click here ˆ⌣ˆ
    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  8. Great post !

    Really love your style
    I want to invite you to join my first $25 Rire Boutique Giveaway Contest !

    Check it out when you have the time :)



    1. thanks Janice ;)
      I'll check it out for sure!

  9. Wow, Danba-nya lucu kaak :D Mirip yg di gambar2 galau hihi. Thank's for stopped by on my blog, jd penasaran kamera kakak yg Sony kyk apa, soalnya kameraku yg sebelumnya juga Sony. Itu hasil jepretan Danba-nya keren kok! :)

    "The more original you are, the more people will copy you~"


    1. danbo sayang ;) iya danbo itu katanya icon galau, hahaha...
      kamera sony 14mp biasa aja kok.. :)

      danbo-nya itu yg jepret senior kaka yg fotograper, kaka cuma nemenin aja kemaren :D

      Ha! "The more original you are, the more people will copy you~"
      love this quote!

  10. wow ,,,,keren banget nih diy nya ,salam kenal ya .

    1. salam kenal juga kak ;)
      makasih hehe. diy kaka juga keren-keren

  11. Replies
    1. thank you ;) yes it's so unique too I think

  12. Keren, Lucu:D suka warna warni ya?

    1. thanks yaa XD iya suka warna warni hoho

  13. Replies
    1. thanks dear.. :* ayo coba remake sendiri baju2nya..


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