Tuesday, August 7, 2012

an evening~

Yay! Finally I back to my town in Central Kalimantan! it's called "mudik" in Indonesia.
I back to my town on Saturday. Well, I can say it's a little boring for someday. but I found many stuffs that I can make them into new bracelets, necklaces, rings, brooches, even a scrapbook!
I even make over my little shirt into a vest~ I love it! do you wanna see it? just wait XD
Yesterday (Monday, August 6th), I went to my senior high school (SMAN 1 Pangkalan Bun) with my schoolmates, Ika and Kichun (her real name is Khairun but we call her Kicun or Icun), and meet Jimmy there. They help our school's drum band team to teach the new student who join drum band team.
By the way, I'm not drum band's part. I joined theater when I was in Senior High School.

When I saw our junior, they're look so cute. Am I look like that too when I was a junior? LOL
some of my senior high school pictures

Found a cat with 3 new kittens XD so cute isn't it??
 This is what I wore yesterday. I really love the turquoise sweatshirt.
Guess what? It isn't a white skirt, but a white dress, my 16th birthday gift from my aunt, I personally love my dress collar. Isn't it match perfectly with m sweatshirt?
date : 6th August 2012
location : my senior high school and my house
photographer : Me, Ika, and self timer
wardrobe :dark blue jeans, turquoise sweatshirt "Rast Style", black 2way leather bag "Classroom", white dress, black veil, rainbow Lego brooch "Challya", music instrument necklaces, anchor brooch.
hype this on my lookbook.nu

I made a mustache brooch from flanel. Inspiration is my brother's t-shirt XD
it turn out so cute, he asked me to make other mustaches for him and his gf. I'm still work it!

20 sweet words:

  1. ih, hanyar datang langsung eksis

    1. hahaha sirik :p.. itu setelah 3 hari datang lah.
      asli bosaan...

  2. wow jauh juga ya ke kaltim ....udah mudik dari sekarang .semoga selamat sampai tujuan dan juga selamat bersenang-senang di kampung halaman ya ,fighting

    1. bukan kaltim ka, tapi kalteng. aku kuliah di kalsel. gak jauh-jauh banget kok hehe.
      amiin, semoga bisa senang-senang disini.. ;)

  3. going back to school is such a fun thing to do! you get to catch up with teachers, the ones who were killers could suddenly be very nice to you, haha. and you get to see your lower generations!


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    1. no, Wynne, I'm not back to school, I've graduated. I just visited my school and juniors :D
      but, yeah, I agree that school is so much fun then college :D

  4. cute


  5. Kreatipnya.. kakak paling susah kalo ngerjain kerajinan tangan, suka ngga sabaran.
    Aaaaak kangen sekolah jugaaaaa >.<

    1. hehe, makasih kaka.
      ayo dicoba juga, aku juga gak pinter jahit sebenarnya...
      ngelatih kesabaran sama membunuh waktu juga ka bikin2 kaya gini..

      waktu kaka pulkam gak mampir ke SMA kaka?

    2. Hihihi.. Ntar deh dicari yang paling mudah sama yang paling cepet selesainya :p

      Uda, digembokin, kemarin itu kk pulkam pas anak sekolahan liburan..

    3. yah sayang ya pas udah liburan..

      ayo kak, nanti kasih tau ya hasilnya gimana XD

  6. kayaknya seneng2 semua yaa :))
    Anyway, join my give away here : http://ayudamayanthi.blogspot.com/2012/08/giveaway.html


    1. iya seneng banget XD tapi itu belum ngumpul semua.

  7. mbake,,,ikutan hijab hunt yang diselenggarakan dian pelangi aja,,,

    1. iyaa, memang mau ikut hijab hunt kok, hehe. tapi bingung foto mana yang dikirim. bisa saran? XD

  8. nice pics :) come and check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other :) http://marschristie.blogspot.com/

    1. thank you ;)
      I'll visit you for sure dear.


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