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Pentas Perdana Angkatan XIX

on 22nd June, my art gallery "Sanggar Bahana Antasari" held our 19th generation's first stage.
we practiced for about three months, 2 weeks before the day, we practiced every night. until 10 PM even 1AM.. 
we showed theater performance, it has traditional dance too on it, and magic performance from our senior.
the theater named "Vonis", Arief as my father, Miftah as my mom, me as the daughter named Fatimah, a senior high school student, Beni as debt collectors, Kak Tagas -just his alias- as Juhri, Bang Ijud as shaman, Miranti as Nyi Ratu - the queen-, and her ladies. as you know, I changed my clothes for three times! 2 uniform clothes and a pajamas.
miss it so much...

our elders, bang Achim as our film director, and our seniors as production team..

we held it on Auditorium. H-1 (21st June) we held rehearsal. 
here the photos :

my mom and me, yeah, my Rilakkuma is so lovable.

 our senior, Kak Itay, former chairman
our shaman, Bang Ijud
got it, kak Annur was interested with my Rilakkuma
my sisters!
while make-up-ing before rehearsal
my childish dad and my beloved mom
with "dad"

our chairman, Kak Dobleh and our film director, Bang Achim

our cool film director
the shaman
our MC, Kak Itay and Kak Maya
the performance

that's all H-1

then the day! it's friday, the morning, our senior still working with the stage

Friday morning in Auditorium
2 hour before our stage, we ate dinner together

our eldest too, he's make up artist. he's make up-ing our shaman, Bang Abe

the shaman!
the debt collector
our music arranger
our eldest
me, before the stage
with my lovely poor family

light arranger
then, the audience started fill the auditorium

our mc
the performance

our traditional dancer
the ending, when I "die"

after the performance

our eldest started congratulate us. can you spot me? the one who wear white pajamas.

our senior... aaaa. I really want the clothes.
the magic show
after the performance, about 10.30 PM, the audience started leave the auditorium
and my favorite photo! I forgot who took it.. but thank you so much! totally love it!!

all actors & film director -without kak Tagas, because he's from 18th generation-

with Miranti -the queen- and Kak Fahry

with the shaman
with my senior, start from left, kak Nia, Kak Fachrul and kak Emon -just an alias-, but kak Emon and me has a nickname, Shinchan and Himawari, kekeke

Himawari and Shinchan

Bahana's family photo.. really love it!

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