Tuesday, July 24, 2012


    my fashion's facts:
  1. a shoes without socks is a big no for me
  2. big no to heels and flat shoes. I can't use it
  3. I usually wear backpack like Ransell than handbag like messenger bag, satchel bag, tote bag, shoulder bag, sling bag, or hobo bag.
  4. in love with buttons and socks this day (yes, I'm weird)
  5. sometimes I Paint my nails with glitter purple or pink .
  6. think my charming is my smile and my features. :)
  7. my photography's friends are Zaki and Addyf, they're my college mates
  8. my fashion's quote "Fashion is not just about expensive clothes or branded things. It's about how you wear it, mix-match it, and show it off!"
  9. my fashion's icon are Cliff, Nada, 2NE1, Bigbang, SNSD, IU, T-ara, Moon Geun Young, my cousins, my big brother, and everyone!
  10. my style in 5 : depend on my mood, colorful, girly with a little boyish, stunning look, and FUN
  11. I love making my own bracelets and brooches
  12. all time favorite fashion item is shoes, sweatshirt or sleeves, outer, and tanktop!
  13. I add some buttons to my casual clothes.
  14.  my must fashion item is bracelets out of my accessorize
  15. I named my #diy things or design with "ayuyu". well, one of my dream is have my own clothing line.
  16. I'm not so into make-up, just bb cream, face powder, a lip balm or lip gloss to my face. 
  17. if I need a full make-up, I ask my mom to do it for me.
  18. my best buy fashion item so far is my red backpack from Classroom
  19. fashion item that I crave right now is black bag
  20. favorite shopping places are online shopping, malls, and flea market ofc!
  21. I love my big brother wardobe! sometimes I ask him to give me his clothes or bag. And he give me! A grey sweater, a black shirt, and white bag. sometimes he bought me a clothes too. 

11 sweet words:

  1. big no to heels and flat shoes. I can't use it.

    hah beneran dek gak suka flat shoes????? *aku suka bangettttt :D

  2. Great post! I love it! ^^ You have an amazing blog, mind to follow each other? :)

    PS: I don't post shits... :p

    See you soon on my blog!

    1. thank you :*
      I'll visit your blog for sure!

  3. iya dek kemaren kakak udah comen berapa kali gitu tapi gak muncul gitu, gak tau deh kenapa.
    eh yang fact nomer 2, beneran gak suka flat shoes??????????? *aku suka bangettttttt :D

    1. pantesan kaa. untung di email masuk...
      iyaa beneran :'( gak bisa ka. rasanya aneeeh pake flat shoes. padahal emang flat shoes modelnya banyak *sigh*

  4. as we know, we both have something in common like what you mention on the point no 8^^ then... No flat shoes (I'm a wedges-craze XD) Ayu, do you know a Malay female singer (i forget her name)?, she wears Hijab and her style is really similar to you^^

    1. yep, we are! bcause of that I really love your style, Kina..
      but I'm not wedges-craze, boots-craze, kekeke

      no, I don't.. who is she? tell meeee.. I'm really curious!

  5. i like ur boot shoes...
    so far i like ur style

    1. Thank youu Fe ;)

      yes, I really love boots!

  6. kebalikan sama aku kak, aku malah ga suka heels, flat shoes is everything! :D

    1. loh kaka gak suka heels. kaka biasanya sneakers, boots aja :D


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