Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Culinary Tourism with Bahana

on 22nd,second day of fasting, I went to Bahana, because we had a meeting, there my friend, Fauzi Balet *just an alias*  took a picture of me.
 We went to Pasar Wadai "cakes market", this kind of market only on Fasting months, there are some Pasar Wadai in Banjarmasin. last year I went to Pasar Wadai Pandu with my cousins.
this time, we went to Pasar Wadai Siring or Sabilal! it's the largest as I know. and yes, my first time! I was soo excited!
went there with Ka Maya, Kak Fachrul, Kak Eko, and Arief. yes, we had a culinary tourism~

 and this one was from the video, a screen capture
the food stale
 I never bought a balloon again since elementary school. but I want it badly. so I asked my senior to bought me one, a pink one! and Kak Eko really bought it to me. but it end up in Arief.. atcpghlwp! we fought like child. cause that I call him my little brother!
 love this one, a photo from backside 
 the childish Arief bring it.
date : 22nd July 2012
location : Cakes Market Pasar Wadai Siring
photographer : Kak Fachrul, Kak Eko, Arief, Fauzi Balet
wardrobe :Brown Veil, Floral Top, Black Outer "my basic style!", Tosca Jeans, Brown Sneaker "nevada", brown handbag "Classroom", Rainbow Brooch "Challya"

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12 sweet words:

  1. I love your key necklace. It's such a quirky interesting piece


    1. thanks Anni!
      yes, an old key necklace and it's so vintage~ I'm gonna bought the padlock *kidding*..

  2. kayaknya seruuuuuu
    eh tas yang adek pake lucu :*

    1. seru banget kakaa.. pengalaman pertama itu, ke cake market sama senior-senior..
      hihi,iya ka. tasnya polos aja sih, tapi modelnya aku suka banget :D

  3. you had a so much fun, hadn't you?
    have a good day... :D

    1. yes I had XD
      thank you Andudei~
      wish you have so much fun too!

  4. Bahana itu mana ya ? Banjarmasin ? :-D

    Anyway, salam kenal ya. Loving your blog :-D

    1. iyaa.. bahana itu salah satu sanggar seni di kampus IAIN Antasari XD

      salam kenal juga Yolanda.. I'll visit your blog soon!

    2. ohh, sanggar tari. kirain itu nama kota. hehe :-D

    3. bukan, gak cuma tari, tepatnya seni. :D
      soalnya yang paling diutamain teaternya..
      tarinya cuma untuk yang minat aja, kalau yang wajib diterjun iteaternya.. :)

  5. Love the key on the necklace!
    nice pics!

    1. thanks Borka ;)
      yes, I love the necklace very much, hehe


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