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semua orang mempunyai ciri khas masing-masing. Yang menjadikannya berbeda dengan yang lain, so I am! pertama, 30facts dulu, facts lainnya di postingan berikutnya... ;)
  1. was born with the name of Adeayu Hadijah. :) but some people misspelled it with "Ade Ayu", it's "Adeayu". I love my name, I think it's so unique and fits perfectly with me.
  2. has a white skin as my dad and mom are white skin too.
  3. my mom and dad was born in Banjar, but we used to live in Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan.
  4. I wear veil (hijab) and so proud with it! mulai benar-benar memakainnya sejak SMA.
  5. was born on 17th August 1993 at 10 AM (Indonesia's west time). I love my birthday, same with Yoo Seungho, Korean Little Brother *yippe*
  6. the second child in my family, the only daugther! I was the youngest for 10 years till my lil brother born.
  7. has a wavy black hair
  8. B blood and a Leo girl
  9. my nick names are "Adeayu", "Ayu", "Deyu", "Dea", "Ayy", "deay". Actually I don't like people call me just "Ade". I'd rather they call me Ayu or Adeayu.
  10. I'm not tall, just 155cm and I hope I grow up till 160cm!
  11. I can use both my right and left hand, except for writing.
  12. I really know I'm childish and weird girl.
  13. unique and I like being stand out.
  14. moody girl. yes, I am.
  15. selfish, too pure (baca: lemot), and stubborn.
  16. Aku suka berada dalam duniaku sendiri. my OWN WORLD where NOBODY can disturb me. I call it "Alice Adeayu in Wonderland"
  17. my best of the best friends I ever had are Krismei, Rumi, and Tiur. They're my sisters.
  18. I love sleep, my nick name when I was in Senior High School was "sleeping beauty" because I easy to fall asleep in the middle of lesson and everywhere! a bit hard to wake me up.~
  19. I’m currently in college, the second year of my study. I was in Islamic Law department but change it to Islamic Economic department. I'm enjoying my college life as a freshmen.
  20. my intra-extra organization so far are HIMA(himpunan mahasiswa) Kobar Banjarmasin, KLBC member, VIP Banjarmasin district member, ASRI 2011 (anak-anak fakultas yang mengikuti pelatihan kepemimpinan mahasiswa tingkat dasar) sebagai staff infokom, Sanggar Bahana Antasari member, #dropyourbooks volunteers, and last Executive Student Group (BEM) Syariah Faculty invite me to join them, I reject it firstly, soalnya udah sibuk banget di Sanggar, but then I accept it as their infokom staff again. so I have 7 organization? Whew...
  21. I love theater since Junior High School, when my teacher ask me to join a theater competition with others. Sempat ikut sanggar waktu SMA, but then I leave it because my study. Dari beberapa Sanggar dan teater di kampus, I choose Bahana as my first intra organization. I do proud with Bahana and it's a pride to be their family. Setelah melewati sesi interview - pra workshop di kampus - workshop di Mandiangin - tambahan workshop di kampus - tapi gak ikut pemanatapannya (hiks hiks)- akhirnya bisa menjadi bagian Bahana :)
  22. I don't like reading books or novel. tidak suka bukan berarti anti, karena ada beberapa buku yang bisa membuatku ingin membacanya. so far baru baca twilight saga, thirteen tales, Simple Abundance, and Sophie's World.
  23. I REALLY LOVE vegetable! I think I could be a semi-vegetarian. LOL
  24. Ice cream monster.. raawr *eh*
  25. I hate and scared fish.. I knew it weird. but it's me! I hate lychee flavor too.
  26. I love drink milk, yogurt, and juices. my favorite flavor is avocado juice. I like candy, chocolate, and shirmp.
  27. I don't like green color, can't stand it. kalau lihat hijau bawaan pusing-mual-muntah.
  28. Awalnya suka anime, komik, dorama, dan j-music. terus mulai menyukai k-drama, k-music, and their reality or variety show. I'm VIP, half blackjack, YG stand. Choi Seung Hyun and Park Bom are my bias. tapi juga suka dengerin IU, snsd, jyj, tablo, epik high, A Pink, G.NA, SHINee. Jujur, sekarang udah mulai berkurang ke-fangirl-ing-annya. udah gak terlalu ngikutin kecuali berhubungan dengan YG Family. favorit aktor kaya Moon Geun Young, Yoo Seung Hoo, Uee After School, Jiyeon T-ara, Goo Hye Sun.
  29. I used to raise rabbits and hamsters.  
  30. find me on ma Twitter, Facebook, foursquare, gogirl!, and youtube. I used to use tumblr for blogging, but not anymore. so~~ I'll not reveal it.

so, that was 30 facts about me! what about you? tell me ;)

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  2. such a cute post! glad to hear cool facts about you ;)


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