Sunday, July 22, 2012

#30factsaboutme part 2 ++

back again! sebelumnya ngebahas tentang "diri dan hobi" kali ini lebih ke "diri dan sifat".
  1. easily bored~
  2. TREAT people like they treat me
  3. when people lie to me, I start not to believe in their words again.
  4. some people think I easy to get close with everyone, but it half true and half false.
  5. I don't like people when they ask as judge me like I was the wrong one.
  6. When I'm totally angry, I keep silent. words don't exists!
  7. I forget my laptop, hand phone, keys, and gadget easily.
  8. horrible at saving money *sigh*
  9. I like trading and do #diy things
  10. have no patience and don't like being curious
  11. I don't like people who are new to me but they acted like the know me well (SKSD)
  12. my boyfriend tell me "kamu bisa membuat orang-orang di sekitarmu ceria dengan pembawaanmu, membuat orang tertarik masuk dalam duniamu".
  13. As I remember, orang pertama yang menyebutku dewasa adalah Saufi, itupun setelah kita berteman lama. walau cuma "kadang" aja bisa bersikap dewasanya.
  14. someone said "jika kita menjadi diri kita sendiri, menjadi lebih baik, bersyukur dengan segala yang ada, dan menikmati setiap ritme permasalahan, saat itu lah hidup akan menjadi sangat mudah". untuk "menikmati setiap ritme permasalahan" aku setuju, tapi untuk menganggap "hidup akan menjadi sangat mudah" nggak. hidup itu sulit, hanya dengan berusaha maka kita bisa hidup.
  15. my boyfriend tell me, "sejahat-jahatnya orang pasti ada sisi baiknya. sebaik-baiknya orang pasti ada jahatnya". Ya, semua orang -termasuk aku- memiliki sisi baik dan jahatnya.
  16. one of my own quote -and favorite one- "mereka yang bertahan, adalah mereka yang bisa menerima apa adanya dan berniat menjadi lebih baik"
  17. I can't play any music instrument and I can't sing.
  18. one of my favorite note to self "even if you didn't want to read it again, 'keep' it. as it was part of your happy-sad moments." 
  19. I believe in love karma -edit-
  20. I have a brown-ish birthmark on my left leg 
  21. I love background-ing my writing with crayons XD
  22. make a note with so many things like sticker, picture, colorful pen.
  23. I love outdoor activity and no problem with the sweat and sunscreen
  24. I love 7, 17, and 8 number
  25. sometimes I believe in horoscope
  26. fantasy and dark version of fairy tale is my favorite movie's genre
  27. plagiarist? copy cat? well, I don't like them, it's really annoying, but, yeah, just keep silent. Like CL's intro "Let them haters sit n stare". "sejelek-jeleknya karya sendiri, lebih baik daripada mencuri karya orang lain" - Glenn Tripollo.
  28. never let haters distract you or waste your time
  29. Rilakkuma is my favorite characters now.
  30. What I want now? a cute cactus! + +
 don't beg me to follow back, cause I just follow what I want
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 don't beg me to follow back, cause I just follow what I want 

that's all for this time! see you again with my fashion facts XD

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  1. Hehehehe..
    Temenk kakak pernah bilang gini, "Jangan jahat-jahat sama orang, karma itu ngga tunggu taun depan datengnya. Wuusshh.. Naik pesawat jet dia munculnya"

    In response to number 19 :D

    1. iya kak.. kalo aku percaya karmanya dalam "love line" sih... ntar di edit, takut salah paham.. kekeke..

      ayoo facts kaka juga ditunggu. pengen tau ~~~ :D

    2. Hahahaha..
      Abis comment hari itu, kenapa deh ngga masuk2 notif ke email kakak.. padahal lagi bahas karma xD

      Ternyata kk lupa subscribe :p

    3. hihihi. pantesan kaka gak ada balas lagi...

      gak bikin facts juga kak? aku pengen tauu

  2. Nice post dear ^^ Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, mind to follow each other? :)

    Join my giveaway, win lots of cute accessories for 3 lucky winners. Open worldwide till August 12th. Click here ˆ⌣ˆ
    Karina Dinda R. ♥

    1. thank you sis! ^^
      I've already follow you since a long time~
      I've joined the giveaway too..

      thanks for coming :*

  3. Interesting blog! I visited Bali in 2009. :)

    I'd love if you visited my blog at
    Let me know, if you would like to follow each other on Blogger and/or Bloglovin and Facebook. :)


    1. Thank you, Minna.. :)
      well, actually I never visited Bali even if I live in Indonesia. next time, maybe ;)

      I've visited your blog and followed it! such an interesting one.

  4. salam kenal yah ,pertahankan sipat cerinya ,ya itu bagus banget dari pada jadi orang pemurung ya kan?

    1. salam kenal juga... iyaa, dipertahanin dan ditingkatkan terus "ceria"nya...
      thank so much dear sarannya :*


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