Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Goodbye May! Welcome June!

I haven't say goodbye to May, right?
so, goodbye May! and welcome June!!

Thanks to Allah for this May.. 
so many happy moment and wishes comes true!
everything turned good, really good!
 Early month, 5th MaySaufi and me went to Martapura ...
 8th May, Ryan and me joined speech contest as my faculty representative..
FIRST time wore Sasirangan, Banjar's traditional clothes.. The brown one, really like it..
 But we failed.. because we didn't have much preparation..

here the photos
Sorry Ryan, the photo turned out bad

 on the 20th, we came to SM Town Gathering
then, 21st May, after practiced in Bahana, Kak Zeni called me to come to BEM Fasya.. I wonder what was that, why he only called me. then he gave me a letter! a love letter! forget it.. I mean a summon to join Faculty's BEM! Goosebump!
yes.. I never imagined it. But Kak Latif ever asked me to join BEM, I refuse it cause I want give the best for Bahana. but now, they gave me a letter..
I think of that everyday, till I accepted it and join the first meeting on 23th..
Said, Kak Baim, Kak Jum, and me were the new staff. I'm in Infokom. 
the funny thing, when we introduce our self, I accidentally said I'm 2012 student, not 2011. and everyone lol-ing at me... so embarrassed, but it made the Ice situation break... huufth..
They wrote my name wrongly. it should be Adeayu Hadijah. not Adeayu Khadijah..
27th May! J-fest, Haru Matsuri
and 29th May, Tuesday, finally ASRI held a public dialogue "RUU-KKG"..
and the banner and slide made by me.
it was the 3rd time they're using my works. first on Kak Linda's campaign last January.
then at PORSI "pekan olahraga seni dan ilmiah" fakultas last April

and now, at Public Dialogue

it was a perfect May..
 and I'm not single anymore... finally I have a boyfriend, after some years, yeah, some years..

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  1. Yeah! Welcome June and Happy Holiday! :D

    1. yep, but it's not holiday.. :( my campus will start the holiday on July..


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