Friday, May 25, 2012

SM Town Gathering (20th May 2012)

 Gathering?? SM town??

I'm YG Family biased but I went there with my cousin, Dini and my friend, Kina.
we went there to open our stand, Dini was selling hera sister's things, I was selling Rasthy onnie's things, and Kina sell her things..

for the outfit... yes, I wear my skirt again, a black shirt, but I modified this ordinary shirt to a fabulous shirt.. I put many buttons, yes, my lovely button on the front shirt, and on my sleeve, I put two white button with bond..  my boot and colorful sock..
and.. we match each other.. I wore black, so did Dini and Kina.. kekeke
Kina already post about this at her blog..

we went there at 07.30 WITA and went home at 16.00 WITA..

Alhamdulillah, our merchandise  was sold good.. even Suju Lanyard was sold out!

here the photos we taken there!
our stand!
our customer.. thanks a lot guys!

my hilarious pretty friend, Kina

with SHINee banner

with DBSK banner.. sigh... it turn out bad
not SUJU fans.. but I took a picture with Suju banner too

candid by Dini..

there are many photos, but I just upload the good one
date : 20th May 2012
location :  SM Town Gathering at Poliban
photographer : Me, Dini, Kina, and self timer
photo editor : Adeayu
wardrobe :Dark Cyan Veil, Black Shirt with many buttons "make over Ayuyu", Jeans Mini Skirt, dark blue legging, mint boot "K+"

annyeong yorobeun!!

4 sweet words:

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    *teriak dulu*
    Sayaaaa bias SMTOWN >.<
    *cakar2 dinding liat banner SHINee*
    *pingsan liat banner suju*

    1. mianhae unnie telat balas :(
      lagi sibuk-sibuknyaa

      heheee.. waah unn bias SMTOWN... Gatheringnya seru unn.. tapi kita kewalahan jaga stand jadi gak bisa nikmatin gatheringnya....

  2. Hihihi.. unnie juga lagi mau ngusulin gathering SMTOWN Aceh. Tp unn ngga pinter urus ini-itu. hahaha
    Kalo gathering ELF Aceh udah bulan kemarin :D

    Unn juga lagi sibuk banget. Ngepost aja seminggu sekali :|

    1. unn, sorry for the late reply :"(
      busyyyy banget..

      waa kapan kapan rencananya mau gath smtown??

      mending unn ngepost seminggu sekali, aku hampir 2minggu baru mosting..

      btw unn tau dr mn sih kalo komen kita di reply?


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