Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Romantika Dialektis" a journey with a friend Part 1

"Kenangan dalam sebuah romantika dialektis
Mencoba menelaah sebuah arti dalam sebuah perjalanan
Menghapus tekanan perasaan
dengan penghayatan atas nikmatnya anugrah yang diberikan
Sebuah nafas baru dalam memahami arti dinamika kehidupan
Dalam sebuah perjalanan mengesankan akan ciptaan Tuhan"
inilah kenangan perjalanan dalam sebuah romantika dialektis
by moth to mhot
a close friend to other

Yep, a journey from Bjm to Mtp.. both of us went there to visit our Senior, Kak Annur & Kak Husin who are the finalists of Nanang Galuh Kab. Banjar Baru.. 
Firstly we just want to visit and support them, but then we thought we just messy around, so at 4 PM we asked for leave. then on the way back, we stopped at a park, and end up with took a picture, Moth as my photographer. And I really love the pictures.. will update it later, I split it into two parts, a no edit photos and edited photos.. 
to be continued...

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