Tuesday, May 8, 2012

my cousin's graduation

LOL.. I didn't know I haven't post it..
17th April, my Cousin, Fitri finally graduated.. 
the graduation in Gedung Sultan Suriansyah..
I went there with my cousin, Dini after PPB's class.. on that day I wear my new outfit..
so, here they are

with Kak Alin, Kak Fitri's friend, our friend too
with Kak Fitri
date : 17th April 2012
location :  Gedung Sultan Suriansyah
photographer : Dini *my cousin*
photo editor : Addyf and Me
wardrobe :Tan Veil, printed top, black cardigan, saddie brown skirt, brown boots

6 sweet words:

  1. Gomawo chingu comment-nya..
    Aku 22, kamu?
    Sekarang sedang berjuang melawan kemalasan supaya segera jadi kaya cousin kamu, wisuda. kkkkk

    Following you too ^^
    Twitter aku @NisaCemulia
    Kalo mau follow boleh kok, ntar mention aja aku folback :p As we're Koreanholic

    1. waah onnieku.. aku 18...
      hihihi sip onn, ayo berjuang biar cepet lulus..

      oke nanti difollow twitter onnie... ;)

  2. Kunjungan perdanaaa, salam kenal adik cantik (O̴̴̴̴̯͡ .̮ O̴̴̴̴̯͡) sukses yah buat kknya yg dah lulus hihii

    1. makasih kaka.. kaka juga cantik ;)
      hehee. iya, akhirnya kakak sepupuku lulus juga, bakal sepi deh dirumah karena dia gak bakal serumah lagi..

  3. Mksh sygg :).. Wah psti bgung ini mesti sedih apa bahagia yah hehehhee..

    1. nah bener banget kak.. senang karena gak bakal ada lagi yang nyuruh-nyuruh, sedih karena gak ada lagi yang masak.. ups.. hehe


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