Thursday, May 3, 2012


I know it's the 3rd May.. but, it's okay to make a wishlist, right?
so, I hope this May will be a cheerful May.
May, please be good to me..
my wishlist are be healthy, pass my mid test, and yes, get a boyfriend. poor me.
then, on 12th May, my best of the best friend, Mey, will turns to 18yo too..
on the 1st May, Addyf took a picture of me in front of our class when I studied for the mid test..
here it is..
date : 1st May 2012
location :  in front my classroom
photographer : Addyf
photo editor : Addyf
wardrobe :Brown Veil, Brown Mickey Mouse shirt, blue skirt, salted egg boot

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