Sunday, April 29, 2012


Holla ~~
still busy with PORSI.. even my senior said, after 2 weeks again, we'll have another team for newbie orientation..
this time, I will share my free time on PORSI.. in a litlle free time, before the volleyball or football match, since yesterday (28th April) I played volleyball with other committees.. but, my play mates are boys, no one (girl) want to join us. 
well, I'm not anti with sweat.."dirty is good", and I really miss playing volleyball..
with Kak Syamsul, Akbar, Ka Baim, and other *not remember*..
and today, I played again with Ka Syamsul, Akbar, Ikhsan, and Imam.. 
Nurul took a pictures of me.. haha.. and, its really cute, I think..
And, next year, I really want to join volleyball match, because committee can't join more than one competition.. 

LOL at this one.. mm, what's with my pose.. so bad!

and not related with volleyball.. when our senior preparing the futsal field.. we took a pictures..
taken by Nurul

with Nurul takeen by Ka Syami
with Nurul and Akbar, taken by Ka Syami

date : 29th April 2012
location : futsal field, in front of IAIN Antasari's library
photographer : Nurul, Akbar, Ka Syami
photo editor :- (no edit!)
wardrobe :Grey Veil, black long t-shirt, red dress, grey skinny jeans, blue sporty shoes, bag (k+)

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  1. nice look :)I LOVE IT:)


    1. thank you!
      wow you've a great blog too!
      love your photograph!


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